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These are the websites I have gone to and downloaded brushes/textures/fonts/etc.

Last updated: 7/20/2006

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001.Abolish 002.Breech 003.Cough 004.Destroy 005.Enough
006.Foreshadow 007.Green 008.Healthy 009.Infamous 010.Justice
011.Kaleidoscope 012.Lunatic 013.Monastery 014.Night 015.Orange
016.Puberty 017.Queen 018.Riot 019.Stun 020.Toddler
021.Underage 022.Viking 023.Wide 024.Xylophone 025.Youth
026.Zenith 027.Arranged 028.Borrow 029.Cute 030.Dork
031.Enthrall 032.Frank 033.Grow 034.Height 035.Indescribable
036.Jest 037.Chocolate 038.Loser 039.Monster 040.Neutral
041.Oleander 042.Prude 043.Quant 044.Robe 045.Steak
046.Torture 047.Undo 048.Violent 049.While 050.Xenophobic
051.Yonder 052.Zebra 053.Almost 054.Bargain 055.Curl
056.Duck 057.Entirely 058.Forgotten 059.Gorge 060.Hurricane
061.Insides 062.Joy 063.Karma 064.Light 065.Motherly
066.Naked 067.Order 068.Pother 069.Quirk 070.Regret
071.Survive 072.Today 073.Underground 074.Vivacious 075.Without
076.Cage 077.Yonder 078.Zoo 079.Appreciate 080.Book
081.Care 082.Diamond 083.Ether 084.Fire 085.Gorgeous
086.Hybrid 087.Ignite 088.Junk 089.Kindergarten 090.Lie
091.Money 092.Niceties 093.Open 094.Pry 095.Graduation
096.Roaring 097.Style 098.Together 099.Sad 100.Pregnancy

001.Banana 002.Snowflake 003.Dementor 004.Broomstick 005.The Internet
006.Rubik’s Cube 007.Piano 008.Fame 009.Whipped Cream 010.Gilderoy Lockhart
011.Kaleidoscope 012.Perfume 013.Picture 014.Quill 015.Glasses
016.Lollipop 017.TV 018.Teddy Bear 019.Red Hair 020.Gravity
021.Scarlet 022.Necklace 023.Pretend 024.Scar 025.Voldemort

Note: I'm not a member of _hpchallenge or __hpchallenge. I'm just doing it just to do it.
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